Cat Weaver

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Cell: 917-450-7287   E-mail:  Linked_in 

Skates Online Art Marketing Courses, 1 and 2: WWW.SKATEPRESS.COM
Christies Education: Art Market Economics, June 30, 2020

EXPERTISE: Art Market, Art Law, Contemporary Art, Art History, Content Marketing, Social Media

HOBBIES: Textile Design


  • Aug 2010 – Present: Independent Journalist
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  • Jan 1990 – Present – Freelance Writer / Editor
    Content marketing, editing, ghostwriting, PR


Ellie Winberg, ArtMix Gallery, Artist on the board of Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition
Cat Weaver worked extensively on the marketing strategy for the successful 2017 BWAC Gallery exhibition, “Painting to Survive: 1985-1995” for which I was show chair and well-known art historian, Jonathan Weinberg, was curator.  Cat did an outstanding job designing the marketing materials including physical posters, flyers and postcards as well as the online graphics for use on social media–all of which were stunning in design and color.  Her ideas were brilliant; she was very easy to work with and always approached the project with positive solutions.   She expertly wrote the press releases and networked with her online contacts to achieve optimal distribution.  With Cat’s work, the overall success and attendance of the exhibition surpassed expectations with strong reviews.  
Most recently, Cat prepared marketing material for my gallery’s (ArtMix) successful presence at the 2020 Art-PalmSprings Fair.  I plan to use Cat’s expertise for future projects and exhibitions.  I highly recommend her professional, all-around marketing, design and writing  talents to others.
David Kaplan, Interim Brand and Performance Marketing Editor at Adweek

Catherine is simply the best editor and best writer I’ve ever worked with, from both a fundamental as well as creative level. She is an excellent craftsperson who can produce or polish editorial content across the most complex ideas from any subject with unmatched agility, originality, and intelligence. From fine art criticism to mathematics and science to advertising and technology, there is no subject she can’t master and render accessible and engaging. As an editor, her grasp of the rules of grammar and writing style is so precise, any document placed in her hands is exponentially improved by her rigorous supervision. On top of that, her warmth, wit, and kindness make her a pleasure to collaborate with.


Aug 2011 – March 2017: Founder/Curator, @Gallery
@Gallery was a pop up gallery that partnered with hosts to show and promote emerging and under-recognized artists.

Projects Included:

  • 2017 Matthew Baker & Scooter LaForge  Night of a Thousand Gowns (March 11)
    When drag performer, photographer, Matthew Baker approached me about locating the perfect grafitti artist to make a gown for the charity gala, Night of a Thousand Gowns, I hooked him up with the indomitable Scooter LaForge, street artist and designer for Patricia Field!
  • 2013 Alley NYC: Winter, Four Artist Group Show (Jan – Feb)
    Edie Nadlehaft, Vandal Expressionism, Eric Doeringer, Sztuka Fabyrka, Joseph Meloy
  • 2012 LA2 @AlleyNYC (Sept – Dec)
    Partnering with midtown coworking space, AlleyNYC, @Gallery installed the largest collection of works by street artist and Keith Haring collaborator, Angel Ortiz (aka, LA2) ever gathered in one space. Alley members partied with the artist, and lived amongst the 60+ artworks for three months.
  • 2011: Display / Disrupt (Oct – Dec)
    Held at 300 Broome Street, NYU Housing, Host: Michelle Dent, Sr. Lecturer at NYU Expository Writing Program & Faculty Fellow in Residence. @Gallery turned Dent’s entire apartment into an art gallery with a ten artist show. Professor Dent lived with, lectured upon, and proudly displayed the works of  Julie Tremblay, Scooter LaForge, Kit Warren, Sztuka Fabryka, Super Future Kid, Gail Rothschild, Lisanne McTernan, and Nancy Drew
  • 2010: Littlefield Art & Performance Space
    Serious Whimsy:a collection of inevitable objects
    A show about obsession: Kit Warren, Justin Gignac, Sztuka Fabryka, Mark DiBattista, Lisanne McTernan

May 2013 – May 2016: Art Consultant
Jonathan Gardner, Director of Communications at Turn
“I have worked with Cat in building an art collection. She has provided the highest-caliber advice and counsel. She helped me to take an interest and turn it into something significant. Without Cat’s guidance, I would be wasting untold thousands on building an amateurish collection — she is helping me to create a solid investment and legacy for the ages.”

Oct 2014 – May 2015: Curator, QED: a place to show and tell 

May 23 – June 28, 2011 – Emerging Curator Program
Winner of The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Emerging Curator Program Exhibit: Civilization and its Discontents: July 23, 2011 to August 28, 2011
A Show about de-sublimating: Olek, Steffi Homa (Super Future Kid), Nancy Drew, Kikuko Tenaka, VanillaRoyal

April – Aug 2010 – Assistant Gallery Director, LUCKY Gallery
Helped plan, hang, & promote 2 shows/events. Directed social media outreach. Manned the desk.

June 2008 – Co-Curator Brooklyn Artist’s Gym Fundraiser
Event: Brooklyn 111 Fundraiser, Oct 18-25

 May – July, 2007 – Volunteer Gallery Assistant, Exit Art
Worked with associate director, Seth Cohen to research and update contact lists.

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