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The Art Machine: Get inside

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The Art Machine Novel: Password: namaste

The Art Machine:
This is, actually, my personal Twitter

The Art Machine on Instagram:
Right now this is just a random assortment of pix.

The Art Machine was a blog that examined art market solutions,
news, gossip and fiascos. It was published on a VERY irregular basis.
The site is now an archive.


I’m gathering it all up here:
The Plasticity of the Songbird’s Brain


I have been a contributor to
and am very proud of my series called
How To Talk About Art.
Here’s my author page.

You can find most of my clips through Contently,
however, it’s a rattlebag!
If you are looking for a particular subject,
or would like to see some clips, it is probably best
to check my author pages, listed below:

Author Pages
The Huffington Post
The New York Observer
Christie’s Fine Art Storage Tumbler
Art Antiques Design

My LinkedIn is sort of redundant if you’re here.

Fabric Design

My Fabric Project is a favorite sideline.
I post designs for purchase on


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